they will try to get you to say what you are there for out loud

It’s OK to ask questions if you aren’t sure what to do next or how to get started. Sometimes being grabbed or kissed without warning can be a bit scary. Start slow with a gentle touch and flirty eye contact. Next, ask for what you want. You can ask what you want by saying, “Can I have a little fun with you?” or “Let’s get in some sex.” Let your worker decide what you would like to do. You’re allowed to be nervous. It’s okay to take a moment or slow down.

Your escort may perform a health check after you have gotten intimate. This is where they examine your ‘bits to ensure you don’t have any sexually transmitted infections. Although it sounds awkward, a good escort will know how to do this discreetly. You may not notice they have checked you out.

We might decline certain services if we find anything suspicious. To avoid spending your time and money, make sure you get any medical issues checked out before you go to your session. A ‘full-service’ session generally includes oral sex and sexual intercourse. However, you can choose to do everything. Fun things like a blow job or a job as a helper are great (and still count!) You can ask for whatever you want, but you are not expected to spend hours having sex together.

When it comes to safe sex, you will need to follow the lead of your escort. They’ll usually provide condoms and lube and often show you how they use them. Clients may object to condoms or other safer sex practices, as it isn’t what they are used to. Protective sex can feel odd if you have just ended a relationship. Safer sex is not negotiable. We take safety and health very seriously as professionals.

Your escort will still be human, even though they are paying for the experience. Although they might not expect many orgasms from you, being attentive to their needs is essential. Follow the instructions of your worker if they tell you to be gentler or ask for you to move to a different position. You can also ask your worker before you do anything intense. Try saying, “I’d love you to fuck me now,” or “Is that okay if you put my hands inside of you?”

It’s not only a wrong way of treating others but also makes for nasty sex. You’ll receive uninterested service if they aren’t having a good time. Orgasm is considered the most enjoyable part of sex. If you are anxious, it can be challenging to get there. Being worried about arriving too soon or not being allowed is possible.

This is the best way to avoid it. It doesn’t matter if you are unable to attend the session. You can come earlier if you want to play, or you can relax and enjoy the company of your intimate partner. This is not something that your escort will expect of you. We are just as happy having fun together as having wild sexual adventures. Unlike a real-world date, good staff will not pressure you.

Your escort typically leaves 10-15 minutes to allow you both to shower and get together. If they are visiting, they may need to call their driver. Your escort is responsible for ending the session. However, we appreciate your checking in to see how much time you have left if you are worried about going overboard.

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